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If you’ve never engaged with sourcing professional support to produce an animation for your product or service it can be sometimes be a daunting task. The first thought is often “oooo….. that’ll be expensive!”,  which is of course, relative, and more often than it really doesn’t need to be!

Yes, if you were demanding the latest Hollywood trend in visual effects then it obviously it would be! However, producing something which differentiates you from your competitors and sets a professional standard to your customers can be a quick turnaround project and very cost effective. This leads to the first bit of advice we can provide, that is to focus on what message you want to portray above and beyond the technical intricacies that can be associated with an animation for your business. Having something that looks good, but doesn’t communicate a message is still a poor animation.

“ooo….. that’ll be expensive!

Beyond this, you’ll also find that quotations vary hugely! as well as the standard of work that is produced by animation or motion graphics specialists. The simple fact is that different digital agencies have different core skills and competencies which can shape their pricing and approach to the work. Having a fixed budget can sound easy to deal with, but a little amount of additional complexity to a project can put strain on cost and timescales, try to build a relationship with your supplier and understand the process.

Finally, think about the each element of a project ask yourself these questions:

  • How many individual digitally drawn assets do I think I need?
  • Are there other examples out there I can make reference to when creating a design brief?
  • What would be the ideal duration of the animation or motion graphics piece to get the message across?
  • Does it require a voice over artist?
  • How much motion is involved in each of the scenes?
  • What sound and audio elements are required?

There are many others but these should give you a fair baseline before tackling your project and creating a more detailed brief. If you’d like to discuss an animation project further please give us a call on 0191 337 1570 or email us via our contact page.

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