Just take a second to think about the last or current social feed you just scrolled through. Then think about that same feed just a few months ago. What you should have noticed (aside from the usual algorithmic tinkering from social platforms refining their targeting ability) is the improving quality of marketing content from videos and animation in your feed.

There’s now a raft of tools and apps to help the average Joe up their game in relation to making a video or picture look the sh*t for their marketing content. (At this point you’d expect the name of a few of them with some external links…. well it just ain’t happening.) However, this comes with an obvious problem that content marketers should consider closely. That is… how to avoid looking ‘samey’ and migrating towards the same tools, styles and tips as everyone else?

White text over a backing image here, a gradient overlay there and… voila! But how long will this do? Does it really represent your brand? Does it really tell a story that viewers will remember over and above everyone else? Will it generate conversion into your sales funnel or stimulate online conversation at the very least? Well…’Yes’ if your benchmark is “was it better than posting some text?” and ‘No’ if you are looking for real results.

This should hopefully lead you to 2 conclusions, either you have to invest in your team and their skills or work with partners that can respond to your ongoing creative marketing content needs. Which is where we’d like to think Foresight can fit in.

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