Anyone with any level of knowledge in staff development will have experienced an often hectic juggling job. It can be a real stress on toast job, having the ability to provide an effective learning experience that contributes to business aims, as well as keeping the development and delivery time of training to a minimum is frickin’ hard!

So often is the case that the onboarding of new starters or enhancing those existing staff skills seems to be a ‘bolt-on’ role for others in the company. The ‘HR’ department, or that ‘go to’ person that seems to know it all within the company can be stretched or have to fit this around other duties.

At Foresight we’ve seen (and often brutally slapped down) some shoddy training experiences. A common one is;

“Here’s your 200 page staff manual, a quiet room for you to read it in and we’ll follow that up with a presentation designed on an Etcher Sketcher.”

Of course this isn’t always the case!

Many companies have dedicated learning and development personnel and very well structured quality management systems that promote a culture of skills development.

However, consider these following; What if that key training person(s) leaves and their tacit knowledge leaves with them? Is the time spent on staff training and development as effective as it could be or is it hindered by preparation time & bureaucracy? Is there a high volume or large geographical spread of staff that consequently leads to high training costs?…… You get the idea! Like any business activity, training has associated obstacles to overcome.

So, how can an Online Academy help and how easy is to put one in place?

Well, firstly it provides endless flexibility. It doesn’t mean that you have to replace your entire training regime and remove the human element from it. Far from it! You can use your online learning library to deliver a blended training model. Meaning you can really maximise that crucial face-to-face time, safe in the knowledge that any wider contextual or compliance knowledge is transferred successfully elsewhere.

Secondly, is cost! Developing an online platform and building lessons and assessment tools to validate learning is probably a lot less painful that you think. Capturing your company’s knowledge digitally can be done creatively and effectively. Think of the potential savings in staff time, travel, accommodation marking assessment papers, issuing CPD certificates etc. It goes on! You can quickly calculate a cost benefit and stick it under your bosses nose and say “look how much we’ve saved on L&D!”

There’s no need to reinvent your training processes either. An online learning academy can simply be another tool in your box. It can evidence learning and compliance stresses and it demonstrates to staff that you want to make knowledge and development accessible for them. At home or work!

You can even use it externally! Why not put some training together to share privately with your customers and clients. The perfect way to give that little something extra!

Finally, believe it or not, many people do like to learn independently and digitally. Having the ability to revisit topics, test themselves, not have to build the courage to ask questions in front of a jammed workshop, track learning progress, interact socially online and learn on the go are just a few of the benefits.

It’s the sort of stuff we can help with basically! If you’ve found this blog then you can certainly find out how to contact us for more detail!